Gigaset Pro N670 IP / N870 IP - Neues Firmware-Update Version 2.33.1


Neue Firmware-Version 2.33.1

What is new?

  • Install DECT base in different subnet
  • Virtual Integrator: Licensing of up to 100 N870 and 300 Single Cell DM's (N670) is possible
  • Embedded Integrator: Licensing of up to 4 N870 and 20 Single Cell DM's (N670) is possible
  • N670 upgrade to N670 multicell
  • N870 up to 10 base-stations (Small), number of maximum parallel calls increased from 10 → 20
  • Web-interface HTTP access is disabled, redirected to HTTPS only
  • Role change via hardware key is made more simple including LED signaling
  • Show in web-interface if DECT base firmware update is running
  • One button Diagnostics download


  • WebUI becomes inaccessible (No connections..., please wait...) when enabling TLS
  • T1 timer minimum value increased to 100 ms
  • Provisioning
    • Sending Empty or wrong value DECT Radio band caused DECT radio to be disabled
    • Improve auto provisioning speed from 63 seconds to 13 seconds
    • Provision certificates and device settings in one provisioning job
    • Hide web-pages
    • Time span when the device checks for provisioning updates needs to be configurable
  • Client certificate not added in case of 2-way SSL.
  • XML online directory - Results not visualized in case of more than 99 entries
  • N670/N870 Central Phone-book: Not able to search for special characters
  • xHTML
    • use xHTML phone-book for call transfer
    • Password is limited to 9 characters
  • Device does not send DHCP release when rebooting, can be enabled by CLI or variant.
  • Central phone-book
    • Delete via web-interface is now possible.
    • When first line is empty, phone-book does not work
  • One user-agent behind integrator
  • Web-interface:
    • Removed not functional phone systems
    • Hide web-pages
  • SIP control terminated fixed
  • NOTIFY with a tag in header "To" causes "500 Unhandled by dialog usages"
  • When '#' is added to numbers it is displayed on HS as '%23'


Gigaset N670 / N870 IP Firmware 2.33.1