Gigaset Pro Maxwell Basic / 2 / 3 - Neues Firmware-Update


Release Date: 05. March 2018
Version: GC_MAX_2.22.7-release.bin

What is new?

  • JABRA USB phone interface
  • Voice Quality Monitoring: RTCP-XR
  • Add entry field "Target number" for Function Keys Call Divert for Phone-systems Teles and Broadsoft


  • Disable lookup requests for CallHistory
  • Option to choose the NTP source
  • [Teles] Call transfer not working if Maxwell is transferred
  • Improvement with Broadsoft remote office implementation
  • [Broadsoft][Teles] Disable "Voice Mail" option when number is not configured
  • Use CNIP containing name replacement for calls from history
  • Refresh automatic BLF's after provisioning
  • Call number from Call Lists when handset is off-hook or speakerphone is activated.
  • NTP - add config option, to disable revDNS querys (PTR), when NTP server is set as FQDN.
  • Improve auto-answer to support more systems.
  • Provisioning parameter to hide Distinctive Ringing.
  • Voicemail menu, new message notification (MWI) for each account when multiple lines are used.
  • [Voipgrid] For BLF pick-up via INVITE `;early-only' is needed


  • [Provisioning][Redirect] Request are send to both servers 
  • [MAX2] [Headset] Short strange voice after accepting call by "Headset Key" 
  • [Broadsoft] call divert is not working correct, this happens only the first time after factory reset. 
  • VLAN settings are set, but the phone does not use them 
  • [Broadsoft] Flexseating improvement
  • Failover - Maxwell try send SUBSCRIBE==0 to primary server, which is unavailable. 
  • USB headset still rings, when call is ended by handset 
  • [Maxwell basic] Open call logs shows all calls and not list selection 
  • Call transfer Maxwell Basic using center key is not working 
  • USB headsets do not end the call on reject 
  • [OngoingCalls] No working Back Key in Info Menu state
  • [USB] Wrong connected device icon 
  • Problem with pressing Mute Button on Plantronics 
  • Can not go to Dial Number via pressing PTT button 
  • Blind transfer using LDAP directory does not work 
  • Absence of "Save Number" option in the Call History lists
  • Muting USB headset during incoming call rejects the call
  • IP static address is not accepted after second and next changing 
  • [LDAP] dialling number from LDAP contains special characters is not possible using 'Select Line' and 'Use number' option 
  • Outgoing calls from redial is not performed via "select line" when receiver is off-hook and user 
  • [Broadsoft] BLF are not deleted if they are removed from Broadsoft WebUI 
  • Wrong displayed number in Call Divert 
  • [Clearvox] External CLIP after transfer shown after pickup, to late
  • No line seizure tone after fake or missed call 
  • Ringtones missing synchronization with the PhoneUI 
  • Two entries with name 'Doorstation' in Melodies 
  • Inband tone in active call
  • [Local Directory] No possibility to use special characters in the middle of name
  • [Maxwell Basic]Incorrect display of the version number
  • Long caller name simultaneous calls cut at the left side, only Maxwell basic
  • [Teles] Ring splash is saved in call list
  • [Broadsoft] Switching Call divert via Function Key doesn't work
  • [Local Directory] Missing popup "No Entries"
  • Melody is not saved in External Calls/ Internal Calls/ Group Calls/ Doorstation on PhoneUI
  • Fqdn improvement
  • Maxwell does not obtain IP address
  • Device Name in Network isn't changed properly
  • [Sennheiser] EHS - Lack of speech path
  • [NTP] If more than one NTP server address is sent via DHCP Option 42 no NTP queries are sent
  • [BLF] LED status changed too late, when network is lost

Known Issues

  • Using Internet Explorer for configuration via Web-Browser is not possible


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