Unify S5 / Gigaset S650H Firmware Update - V114.063.00


Gigaset hat für die Gigaset S650 und Unify S5 ein neue Firmwareversion veröffentlich. Es wurden viele Fehler behoben und ab sofort ist ein Update "over the Air" (SUOTA ) möglich.

Update über Gigaset über Quicksync.

Update Details :

Software 63

  •     Display Softkey is now "R" key to put Call on Hold.
  •     Various bugfixes, amongst others, in following sections:
  •         CLIP Picture and VIP melody
  •         SUOTA
  •         CAT-iq
  •         Interoperability with Deutsche Telekom Speedport Hybrid and Type C
  •         Bluetooth pairing

Software 60

  •     Change default ringer melody
  •     Gigaset Animation is not played when key-lock active and HS put in charger
  •     Appointment signal is changed for all appointments, not individually.
  •     SUOTA improvements

Software 59

  •     Accept call waiting solved
  •     Local Call list for GAP mode
  •     Implementation for CAT-iq 2.0 protocol
  •     First implementation of SW update over the Air (SUOTA) (Has to be supported by DECT base)
  •     List of anniversaries problem when number of anniversaries is greater than 255
  •     If Handset is used in Handsfree-Mode, HF-Profil 4 should be initialized, if it's inserted into the charger