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How to Update SNV6520 to SMC Hack modding
10.06.2011 um 07:23:31
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Changing the firmware of the Philips snv6520/18 ADSL Modem Multiservices PSTN Voice


   1. The author takes no responsibility for what this information is used for.
   2. This will surely void your warranty.
   3. Make sure you have the right to use the various software packages.
   4. The author can not provide modified binaries.

To change the firmware (runtime code) of the Philips snv6520, which is locked to use only Belgacom and does not enable many of the functions of the hardware, it is necessary to modify the signature of the new firmware to be uploaded. This is because it currently only accepts binary images with a specific signature at the end of the image. There is a firmware at (Sie müssen sich Einloggen oder Registrieren um Multimediadateien oder Links zu sehen). which seems to work well. This method could also be used for other packages such as OpenWRT (linux). The starting platform could be for example runtime code 80i1 and bootloader 0.68.8.
Install a new firmware:

   1. Download the firmware
   2. Open the .bin file with a hex editor
   3. Change the signature at the end of the file to BRNBG6520
   4. Update the firmware normally (or through tftp)


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